Lou’s Place is a daytime refuge for women in the heart of Kings Cross.

If you need help have a look at what we offer here or contact us.

A part of the community since 1999, Lou’s is a Sydney charity that provides respite and support for women in need.

Many of the women who come to Lou’s Place are in crisis. Approximately 70% are homeless, most experience mental and/or physical health issues, and nearly all are survivors of neglect and abuse – physical, emotional, sexual, and frequently, substance abuse. Lou’s is a drop-in centre where they can find a safe place to begin restoring their security, stability and self respect. We provide safety on many different levels – from isolation and loneliness, hunger and cold, ill health, the dangers of the street or even the dangers within their own homes.

Lou’s Place provides a welcoming environment and promotes the autonomy and dignity of all women.